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7 October

Hotel rooms can be such a bore, but when you're alone you can do whatever you please. I personally like to get dressed up in a very sexy way which makes me feel really horny...and these duo balls are the perfect travel companion!

1 October
The most requests i get are for lots of pics of my pretty legs, feet and toes in fully fashioned nylons. Well, for all of you, here's a set exactly designed for you :)
25 September

I love role-playing games. On my hotel balcony i feel like a ship captain looking out across the sea. A passenger sees me and can't take his eyes off my long legs in ff nylons. Well I'll have to sort out that bulge in his pants won't I ?

19 September
Here's a little show for you whilst I relax at home on the lounge sofa wearing my favorite fully fashioned nylons and spike heels. As you can see i like to show you everything including my lovely round ass!
12 September

Wearing a sexy corset and vintage style lace full cut panties watch me put on my super sheer pink nylons followed by sheer pink nylons over for that super sexy layered experience...

6 September
I'm back at my country retreat and doing what country girls do best...make bread of course. But it's very hard and there's so much to distract you...especially the rolling pin with its phallic shaped brings out the sex maniac in
31 August

I'm kicking back and drinking a beer on the terrace in my sexy lingerie when I notice my nylons are heavily wrinkled. I think it got my partner all excited, because once I pulled them up he immediately came out and wanted a handjob and he spurted all over my nice new nylons...mmmm

25 August
I've had a few requests recently for me to fuck my heels, so here we are guys. But first let me tease you a little and dangle my shoes for you. Now I'm ready and to help things along I'm oiling up, which you'll be able to see, then i get to work with my stiletto heels...mmmm
17 August

Back on the beach again in my latest holiday adventure catching some sun wearing my fully fashioned nylons with my beach wear. Hope you enjoy my foot show!

11 August
Hello again peeps! You've caught me relaxing with a big bowl of sumptuous and delicious black cherries and I'm enjoying each and every one of them! As usual I'm wearing what I always love to wear when lounging around... some sheer black ff nylons. As you can see I had just painted my nails and toenails that very morning too.
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