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7 July

I just love the way genuine nylons wrinkle and these particular nylons seem to have a mind of their own! This requested video has me on the dining table masturbating furiously whilst giving you a good view of my sexy seamed stockings...

30 June
Just messing about in our workshop cum junk room wearing my lovely patterned rht nylon stockings. Mmmmm, I just love teasing!
23 June

I'm just about to go out shopping in town and need to finish off the final bit of dressing by putting on my nylons. of course I can't help but linger on them once they are on. And being such a hot day I think I'll go out without any panties on pussy's already hot enough as it is!!

17 June
I love the coast, especially a nice secluded beach where I can strip down and really enjoy myself! Here I'm doing just that wearing nothing but my ff nylons and belt, soaking up the sun and teasing all my fans !
11 June

I had just got up and was putting on my lingerie and nylons when my husband walked through the door and got so aroused he insisted on a morning quickie handjob! I finished putting on my nylons and got to work on his cock. He was so fired up it wasn't long before he squirted onto my nylon I'll have to change them again!

5 June
I'm back in the outdoors once again where I love be to take a stroll in the park wearing my sheer ff nylons and pantygirdle, as requested by a dear fan. Of course I'm always ready for a little teasing, so when the chance strikes I take the opportunity to flash for you !
30 May

We took a day out in the van for a run in the country. As always I'm dressed in my really sexy black ff nylons which I wore with some nice pink lingerie. After lots of bumping about on those bad roads I was feeling really horny. We pulled over to the side and I had to play with myself which was caught on camera just for you!

23 May
Hanging the washing can be such a tedious task, so why not spice things up a little. Mmmm, these clothes pegs look interesting. They certainly bring some lovely sensations to my sensitive nipples!
17 May

There I was, dressed and ready to go out and putting the finishing touches to my hair when my hubby walks in, sticks out his cock and makes me spurt his hot sticky cum all over my nylon thighs! Ah well, my hair still needs finishing so I have to carry on with all that cum soaking in...

11 May
And now for something a little different. I was recently inspired by a submissive bondage set I saw on the internet and wanted to repeat the sensation for myself. So here we have me bound tightly, but of course never forgetting to wear my ff seams....
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